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MYWORLD believes in the Holistic development of children by using Multiple intelligences Theory. It refers to a theory describing the different ways students learn and acquire information. These multiple intelligences range from the use of words, numbers, pictures, and music, to the importance of social interactions, introspection, physical movement, and being in tune with nature.

  • Self Smart, Nature Smart
  • Picture Smart, Body Smart
  • Word Smart, Logic Smart

Self Smart

Self-smart learners have a strong awareness of their own thoughts, feelings, ideas, motivations, and goals. They are reflective individuals interested in personal expression, they enjoy planning and setting goals, and often need time to be alone to process their experiences and/or for creative expression.

Nature Smart

Nature smarts (or naturalistic intelligence) is the ability to know about and relate well to one’s natural surroundings. This includes having a greater sensitivity to nature and one’s place within it, being able to nurture and grow things, and easily caring for and interacting with animals.

Picture Smart

Children who are strong in this ability tend to think in pictures rather than in words. They can visualize solutions to problems, can see the answers to questions, and can understand the dimensions of a possible scenario.

Body Smart

BODY SMART (bodily/kinesthetic intelligence) is the ability to use the body to express emotion (as in dance and body language), to play a game (as in sports), and to create a new product (as in invention). Refinement of either or both large and small motor skills are central in this smart.

Word Smart

Word smarts (or linguistic intelligence) is the ability to use language effectively, whether orally or in writing. … They are often effective communicators and have an appreciation for the written word.

Logic Smart

Logic smart kids think with questions and when they’re excited, they ask more questions. They have a high need to know why and for things to make sense. They’re often asking “Why?” When combined with people smarts they can make great leaders.


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You can be confident that your child is safe and in the best hands.

Your child’s early years are crucial. They form the foundation of a child’s lifelong learning and character development. Early childhood is filled with active experiential learning, as each new encounter with people, surroundings, and experiences becomes wired into your child’s understanding of the world. We believe that every child can be a confident explorer, a creative thinker, a curious learner, and a caring individual.

Persons your child interacts with during this time will be the role models through whom he will learn and develop. As a parent, you want to entrust the care of your infant or child to someone who cares – someone who takes a personal interest in your child’s well-being and development.

Child development is a shared responsibility. Each MyWorld center will work towards a healthy partnership with parents to create a loving, supportive, and nurturing environment for your child’s development, and we look forward to an on-going and constructive engagement with parents.

We value keeping open and friendly communication with parents. We invite you to express your opinions and ideas and to share the wonderful experience of your child’s daily life. This will help us cater to their individuality, build confidence, and to prepare your child to do the best they can in the future years.

As you have made MyWorld a part of your world, we endeavor to be a trusted partner in your child’s development and education. Thank you for entrusting your precious ones in our care!

Our ultimate goal is that your child is excited to come to our Center, greeted with love, enriched with opportunities to learn, create, and socialize. You can be confident that your child is safe and in the best hands.

Director, MYWORLD Preschool & Child Care Centre

How to Enroll Your Child to a Class?

How to Enroll Your Child to a Class?